Tour Photography & Videography

Your music is your livelihood, let’s make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Having a photographer on tour with you has many advantages. Including being able to capture those real life behind the scenes images to share with your fans.
A tour photographer can seem like just another added cost, however I pride myself in offering specialised unique content that will always outweigh my costs.

From VIP meet & greets, Behind the scenes footage showing fans a point of view they always wished they could have to getting the best images of your live performances and that money shot, the crowd shot. Fans that attended the shows are also looking for high quality images to help them remember their attendance.

Professional quality images can be used in everything from Social media, Press Kits, Press Releases, Album Art, Posters etc

As well as photographing some of the worlds largest bands such as Queen, Panic At The Disco, Stone Sour etc, Over the last 10 years I have had the pleasure of touring with some of New Zealand’s biggest groups Villainy, Devilskin, Blindspott, I Am Giant, Ekko Park, Dead Favours & Written By Wolves.

As a tour photographer, I am constantly under pressure to ensure you are getting the best shots night in and night out. I find pleasure in the challenge of creating meaningful content for all musicians I work with. Every night I go out with the band with the intent on capturing the raw energy to show their fans exactly what they are missing and why they should be there. To get the best out of your social media, you need to use the best engaging images to grab your fans attention.
Tour packages are built to work with any band from a new band touring as a support act to an act touring to sold out shows.

Let’s work together to prove how beneficial working with me can be.

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